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Air condenser 0.6-170kw heat exchange capacity, for cold room, cold storage, blast freezer. Voltage: 220V/380V/415V. Tested in 2.8Mpa pressure.

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1. Features for air condenser

CRYO has FN, FNV series of air condenser. FN is side air blow type and FNV is the top air blow type.

  • Cabinet is steel plate with plastic spray, corrosion proof
  • Mechanically expanded pipes with Aluminium fins; External fans; better heat transfer & durable
  • Tested in 2.8MPa gas pressure, no any potential leakage
  • Nitrogen blow away all Pollution in pipe system, ensuring longer lifetime
  • Refrigerant: R22, R134A, R404A, R407C, etc

2. Designation

FN  V  180  T

FN:   Series name
V:      Feature code: Empty: standard; V: V type
180:  Area (m2)
T:      Fan qty: T: 2; R: 3; F: 4; None: 1

3. Specification

FN standard type air condenser (cold room condensers)

FN model 1

FN model 2

FN model 3

FN types of walk in cooler condenser, suitable for cold room, cold storage

condenser FN-diagram

Packaging details: in plywood box
Delivery details: 28 days after deposit received.

FN packaging air condenser

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